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Data Application Builders Workshop (Badge 3)

Almost like a full-stack developer bootcamp, this course covers a wide array of technologies that will help you build applications that use Snowflake as a back end. Including: Python, a little SQL, a little HTML, a little JavaScript, some cloud engineering, and much more.

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  • Self-Paced

About This Hands-On Workshop

This workshop has three hands on lab sections: A Python WebApp, a few simple Java Class Constructions, and IOT Cloud Engineering. In the first lab section you learn to use Python to create a simple web application that both reads from a Snowflake table, and writes to that same table. A second module provides the option of creating some Java Classes to connect to Snowflake. The third module allows you to develop a cloud microservices stream that moves IOT data through SoftwareAG's Cumulocity and applications, then to Google's PubSub, and storage and on through a Snowflake Snowpipe.


This workshop is more like a full-stack developer bootcamp than earlier Hands On Essentials Workshops (DWW and SMEW). It is not easy. Those with prior development experience will find it fairly straightforward, but those without prior development experience should not expect that completing it will be seamless. While the other workshops are open to just about any skill level, this workshop will require tenacity and a willingness to solve issues that crop up without relying on Snowflake Ed Services staff for answers.