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RETIRED: Data Application Builders Workshop

Almost like a full-stack developer bootcamp, this course covers a wide array of technologies that will help you build applications that use Snowflake as a back end. Including: Streamlit (Python), SnowSQL, REST APIs, and much more.

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About This Hands-On Workshop

This builders workshop sets you up with all the tools and concepts you need to get data into, and out of Snowflake with end-user friendly interfaces. You don't need to have any prior experience with coding languages. As long as you have completed your Hands-On Essentials Data Warehousing Workshop (DWW) Badge, you know what you need to know to be successful in this course.

DABW provides beginner-level exposure to key app builder tools like Streamlit, Python, GitHub, and Web Services Rest APIs. You'll start out with a short introduction to Streamlit App development, then depart on a journey through deeper dives into different tools and skills needed to built more robust Apps. During your whirlwind tour, you'll revisit Streamlit to use the concepts you've learned and in the Streamlit Capstone you'll bring all the pieces back together in a more advanced Streamlit App.

Though this workshop relies on a partner data integration tool to help us move data around, there are lots of new Snowflake concepts covered as well. DWW introduced you to External Named Stages (S3 bucket), file formats, semi-structured data loading and querying, and COPY INTO statements. In this course, we'll use an Internal Named Stage and come to understand how they differ from external stages. We'll install and use SnowSQL (Snowflake's CLI tool) to perform file PUTs.

An early lesson introduces Snowflake's Partner Connect area where users can supercharge their Snowflake accounts with automated connections to complimentary partner tools. Learner's will connect their Snowflake accounts to Snowflake's Data Integration Partner Connect Partner, Rivery. They'll also come to understand the fast and easy Partner Connect workflow and may choose to return to the Partner Connect interface after completing the workshop, to explore other Partner Connect partners.

Users check their work along the way using DORA, Snowflake University's Grading Robot. Since DORA stands ready for user submissions, day or night, users all over the world use the Hands On Essentials Series of workshops to learn, build, and troubleshoot their own code any time, day or night - weekdays, weekends, and holidays! With DORA x Snowflake, learners get immediate feedback on their success!

Prior Knowledge & Experience

You need to have experience using Snowflake, either with three months of independent use or having earned your DWW Badge via the Hands On Essentials Data Warehousing Workshop (DWW).

Time to Complete

Most learner complete this workshop in 8 to 12 hours of effort.