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Snowflake Learning Journey

You know what you’re looking for, and we have curated paths to help you achieve whatever your learning goals. From skill building badges, to preparation for the SnowPro core certifications we have you covered.

Essentials: Hands-on Learning with Proof of Progress, Please!

If you’re new to Snowflake or new to databases in general, and you like hands-on labs and short videos, this is the track for you. Each workshop requires that you submit proof of lab work and the lab work is graded by a suite of code we call DORA! If you succeed, you’ll get badges you can share on LinkedIn. The courses in this track are free, and many of the badges are also free!


Level Up: Just the Facts, Please!

If you aren’t looking for hands-on lab work and, instead, want some quick overviews (followed by knowledge checks), this series might be for you! This series, called “Level Up” is often preferred by managers or data professionals who just want to know how using Snowflake is different from systems they have used in the past. This series does not come with any proof of learning badges but it will help you get up to speed on Snowflake’s technology. It is also popular as a starting point for those thinking about preparing for SnowPro Core Certification.

Level Up: First Concepts




Level Up: Performance

Familiar with Snowflake, Pursuing SnowPro Core Certification!

Ready to pursue Snowflake’s gold-standard imprimatur? Want to sit for a high stakes exam and prove your mettle like a champ? Study for the SnowPro Core Certification with these materials. Before starting this track we recommend you either go through Track 1 (On-Demand Preparation + Self Study) or Track 2 (Instructor Led).

Best Practices & Advanced Topics

Wanting to dive into deeper concepts and begin to set yourself apart as a leading Snowflake Practitioner? Look here for advanced, conceptual courses.

SPN: Snowflake Partner Network

If you’re a part of the Snowflake Partner Network you can find SPN content here! NOTE: Only partners will be see SPN courses if logged in with with their account