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Education & Training Support 

All Education & Training support questions can be sent via THIS FORM.  

An Education team member will respond as soon as possible. Non-urgent requests will receive a response within 1-2 US business days. 

Additional Support

Trouble logging in to Snowflake University ( to view our On-Demand courses?

Please visit Getting Started with Snowflake University

Instructions to log in to, our Instructor-Led Training and e-commerce platform:

Snowflake Customers

Snowflake Partners

Note: If you do not have SPN credentials, please visit the Snowflake Partner Network and select “Not a member?” in the lower right-hand corner. 

Snowflake Employees

Note: If you do not have the SeerTech tile present, then please submit a ticket with IT via The Lift. 

Updating Your Email Address 

Write to The Community team manages your Community account, which uses SSO to get you logged in to Snowflake University. Do not copy multiple email addresses.  

Snowflake Trial Account/Lab Account Support

Trouble setting up a Snowflake Trial Account?

Write to The Snowflake Support team manages all Snowflake Trial Accounts.

Trouble logging in to your Snowflake Trial Account?

Write to Do NOT mention training or education, this can cause them to send you back to us. Trial Accounts are trial accounts regardless of whether you are using them for training or a webinar, or anything else. 

Still Unsure? Fill out THIS FORM and we'll get your question or issue routed to the right team.