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Badge 4: Data Lake Workshop

Our Data Lake Workshop (DLKW) covers non-loaded data and the tools you can use in Snowflake to access and analyze that data. Learn about non-loaded data, unstructured data, GeoSpatial data, and hear about the Iceberg tables that are coming soon! Get hands on experience with Parquet and GeoJSON data, and image data. Run GeoSpatial Functions and create your own User Defined Function. This workshop is highly interactive with reflection questions, hands on lab work and automated lab work checks! Fast-paced and informative, light in tone, scenario-driven and metaphor rich.

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Hands-On Essentials Series

This course is the 4th in the Hands On Essentials Series. The Hands On Essentials Series is designed for beginner-level data professionals. This series allows you to earn a Badge for display on LinkedIn and other social media. The Essentials Series uses active learning principles to give you a fast paced, hands on experience. Short videos, step-by-step labs, reflection questions, and challenge labs work together to build your knowledge and skills as you build a solution.

Prior Skills & Knowledge

We strongly advise completing the Hands On Essentials Series in order (Badges 1, 2, and 3 before this 4th badge) as these workshops put learners in the best position to succeed in this workshop. In lieu of earning the previous badges, six months of hands on Snowflake usage could be substituted.

Scenario Based

We do our work alongside Zena, an amateur app developer who loves data. She and her friend, Mel, learn to use Snowflake tools on unstructured data and non-loaded structured and semi-structured data. They learn what geospatial data is, and how it can be used with geospatial data functions.

Effort & Duration

Plan for 3 hours of effort a day for 3 days in a row. If you choose to complete the workshop in a single sitting, that's fine with us.


To complete the workshop you will complete lab exercises and run scripts that are autograded by DORA, our grading robot. The DORA garding robot will issue your badge once you have demonstrated lab work completion.

Lab Environment

Don't sign up for a trial account until you are given step-by-step instructions within the course flow.