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Data Cloud Deployment Framework

The Data Cloud Deployment Framework course provides an overview of best practices and key considerations for designing, deploying, and managing the entire Snowflake landscape for our customers.

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Data Cloud Deployment Framework Course

Course Details:

~30 minutes | 45 Assessment Questions | 1 Snowflake badge

Topics Covered:

  • DCDF's 9 Core Objectives
  • Data Architecture
  • Business Entity Environments
  • Multi-Region Business Entity
  • Cost Optimization & Delta Processing
  • Naming Conventions

Receive the DCDF Badge!

Upon sucessful completion of course assessment,
receive the Data Cloud Deployment Badge!

Zero Hands-on labs are required.

Additional Resources

If you'd like to learn more about our Data Cloud Deployment Framework, watch our most recent DCDF webinar series. Our seasoned Solutions Architects will walk you through a set of recommended considerations that will help your organization successfully implement and optimize Snowflake.

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