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SnowPro FAQs

Below you will find frequently asked questions about Snowflake’s Technical Certifications, the SnowPro Certifications. For specific information on each certification Snowflake offers, please visit

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  • Self-Paced

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Download and use the SnowPro Exam Study Guides

Each SnowPro Certification exam has a correlating study guide that provides direct links to resources for topics covered on the exam. The study guides are located on Snowflake University.

Watch courses on-demand

Snowflake offers both free and paid on-demand training covering Snowflake concepts.

Enroll in one of Snowflake’s Instructor-led training courses

Instructor-led training will help you advance your Snowflake skills while you learn Snowflake best practices and complete hands-on labs.

Review Snowflake Documentation

Provides Snowflake overviews, tutorials and detailed references.

Register for Snowflake Webinars

Need technical help? Attend and ask your questions at a Snowflake Webinar. Webinars are a great way to get up to speed on everything Snowflake.

Read through Snowflake Resources

One-stop shop for Snowflake publications, including case studies, articles, white papers and migration guides.

Visit the Snowflake Lodge Community

Engage in in-depth discussions about Snowflake.

Registering for SnowPro Certification Exams FAQS

Where do I register for the exam?
Step by step requirements for registering for a SnowPro Certification exam can be found here.
How much does the exam cost and how many attempts do I get?
The SnowPro Core Certification cost is $175 (per exam attempt). Every individual registration will require the full $175 USD amount.

The SnowPro Advanced Certification series is $375 (per exam attempt). Each individual registration will require the full $375 USD amount.
Am I allowed to access test aides during the exam?
No test aides of any kind are allowed during your testing session. Your testing space must be free of resources including but not limited to external monitors, paper, writing instruments, notes, devices, wearables, food, and/or liquids. Please review the Snowflake Certification Exam Terms & Conditions and Pearson Vue OnVUE for more information.
Online Proctoring or Test Center Onsite testing, which should I choose?
There is no content variation between the online proctored and onsite testing center exams. You can choose where to take the exam based on your personal preference.

The Online Proctoring environment allows you to take the exam from the location of your choice such as your home or office. You will use your own computer for the exam in a locked down browser. A proctor will monitor you via screen-sharing applications and your webcam (either internal or external camera). You must have the ability to install software in order for an online exam to launch.

Learn the difference between testing online with OnVUE and in-person at a Pearson VUE test center here.
Are there any discounts available for SnowPro Certification exams?
Snowflake only offers bulk purchase discounts for voucher orders greater than 49+ exam vouchers.

If you are interested, you have two options:

You can purchase SnowPro Vouchers directly from the SnowPro Certification Store.
You can reach out to your Sales Rep to help with next steps or submit an inquiry here.
What if I fail my exam?
If you do not pass an exam, you can take it again after 7 days (4 times in a 12 month period). In this 7 day waiting period, we recommend you take that time to further your learning and education through on demand public Snowflake training and study concepts that you may have struggled with during the exam. You can find exam guides here , don’t forget to check out the listed SnowPro Tips.

Full payment is required each time you attempt the exam.
Is there a limit on how many times someone can fail a SnowPro Certification?
After three (3) attempts, we recommend that you attend one of the onsite Snowflake training courses. There is a limit of 4 attempts in a 12 month period.
How many times can I reschedule my exam?
You are only allowed to reschedule up to 4 times before you are asked to cancel your exam.
Make sure to review Snowflake’s Reschedule and Cancellation policies that can be found here.

Who do I contact if I run into an issue with registering, scheduling, or taking an exam online?
If you need any support with exam proctoring, please visit Pearson Vue’s Customer Service page or call 844-914-0562.

SnowPro Certification Store - Purchase Exam Vouchers

I’d like to purchase multiple exam vouchers for my employees, where can I do this?
You can purchase exam vouchers for your employees through . Upon purchasing, exam vouchers will be delivered directly to your email within an hour and will be accessible under your login. This portal will allow you to see which voucher codes have been redeemed or are open to be used.
What are my payment options for the SnowPro Certification Store?
Credit card payments and Line of Credit (LOC) are accepted through the store. Line of Credit will require pre-approval and your order will need to meet a minimum order total. Please contact [email protected] for additional information on Line of Credit (LOC).
How do I get a Line of Credit (LOC) with PearsonVue?
To inquire about a new LOC, please contact [email protected].
I already have a Line of Credit (LOC) with PearsonVue? How do I use this for Snowflake’s voucher store?
To use your Line of Credit (LOC) with Snowflake, please contact [email protected].
Will I be able to manage my vouchers through the store?
You will be able to see a voucher’s expiration date as well as whether or not it has been used. This can be found on the “My Account” tab and clicking “View Voucher Codes” under the order. Note, it may take up to 24 hours after you have completed your purchase before this is available for you to preview.
I need an invoice or receipt for this purchase, will that be available?
Yes, when you complete your purchase, you will be able to access your invoice from the ‘My Account’ tab.
I’m running into an issue with the Store, who can I contact?
For support with the SnowPro Certification Store, please fill out an email form through

Reschedule & Cancellation FAQS

Can I reschedule my exam if I cannot make my scheduled appointment?
If you need to make any changes to your scheduled exam, please log into your account and reschedule prior to your exam.

Make sure to review Snowflake’s Reschedule and Cancellation policies that can be found here.
Can I cancel my exam?
For PearsonVue Candidates can reschedule and cancel their exams on their Pearson Vue portal.
Make sure to review Snowflake’s Reschedule and Cancellation policies that can be found here.
What happens if I do not show up for my scheduled exam time?
If you fail to show-up for your scheduled exam appointment you will forfeit your exam fee and/or applicable voucher. In cases where an emergency situation has occurred (medical or a death) please submit a case here. Each case must have appropriate documentation in order to apply for a rescheduled appointment exception.

Preparation for the SnowPro Certification Exams FAQS

Are Sample Exam Questions available?
Sample exam questions can be found in exam study guides. Find study guides on the main SnowPro Certification page.

These questions represent questions from prior exams and are indicative of the question format. The scope and content of future exams will evolve, and these questions may not reflect updated topics or the level of detail called upon for future exams and are provided for informational purposes only. Successfully answering these questions is not indicative of your ability to pass the actual certification exam.
Where can I find additional information about Snowflake Instructor Led Courses?
All Snowflake Instructor Led courses can be found on the Snowflake Training page.
Is training required in order to attempt the SnowPro Certifications?
We recommend that Customers and Partners attend the Snowflake Instructor Led courses as part of their exam preparation, but it is not a prerequisite.
Are there any On Demand courses available for SnowPro Certifications?
Check out the exam preparation course tailored to questions covered on the SnowPro Core Certification, available through Snowflake’s Training portal .

SnowPro Certification Result FAQS

How is my score reported?
Snowflake uses scaled scoring. Your scaled score is a conversion of the numbers you answered correctly on your exam form to a consistent standard scale.

Scaled scoring allows for consistent interpretation of scores across multiple exam forms based on statistical processing. Snowflake uses multiple exam forms to replace questions as needed and to preserve the security of our exams. As exam forms consist of different questions and may vary in difficulty, the forms are statistically equated to ensure candidates are all held to the same competency standard.
Will I receive any feedback on my score report?
Candidates who fail a Snowflake exam will receive a report with a list of objectives that the candidate incorrectly answered one (1) or more questions towards. Please reference the correlating exam guide to review any objectives or any sub-content.

Candidates who pass will not receive any diagnostic feedback.
I took a beta exam, when will I receive my results?
During the BETA, Snowflake gathers performance statistics on each question presented on the exam and uses these statistics to set the certification standard for the public launch of the exam. Candidates will receive their scored report when the certification standard is decided (8-9 weeks after BETA close).
I failed my exam – how can I use the score report to prepare for a retake?
The score report will provide a list of objective areas that map to a question or questions that were answered incorrectly on the exam. We recommend using this list of objectives as a method to identify areas to focus your study and preparation on.

The topic weighting for each exam can be found in its associated Exam Guide.

SnowPro Recertification FAQS

What are my options for SnowPro Core Recertification?
  1. Sign up for the abbreviated SnowPro Core Recertification Exam and achieve a passing score before your certification expires. Passing the Recertification exam will extend the SnowPro Core Certification status for an additional 2 years.
  2. Sign up for a SnowPro Advanced Certification exam and pass, your SnowPro Core Certification status will roll up with your latest SnowPro Advanced Certification’s expiration date. SnowPro Advanced Certification expiration dates do not roll up, each Role Based Certification expires two years after date the certification was awarded.
What are my options for SnowPro Advanced Recertification?
Each SnowPro Advanced Role Based Certification will have its own Recertification exam.

For any SnowPro Advanced exam, you can sign up for the abbreviated Recertification exam and achieve a passing score before your certification expires. Passing the Recertification exam will also extend your Core Certification status for an additional 2 years.
When will my expiration date on my Certification be updated?
Certification expiration dates should be updated within 1 week of your pass date.
What is the cost of the SnowPro Recertification exams?
Registration fee for the SnowPro Core Recertification exam is $88 USD.

Registration fee for the SnowPro Advanced Recertification exam is $188 USD.

SnowPro Practice Exams FAQS

What can I expect from taking a SnowPro Practice Exam?
A Snowflake SnowPro Practice Exam is an assessment built using the same specifications and domain weightings as the actual SnowPro Certification Exam. These practice assessments are made of sample questions similar to those that will be found on the actual SnowPro Certification Exams. To review the current exam formats and domain breakdowns for each SnowPro Certification Exam, please navigate here.
How do I register to take a SnowPro Practice Exam?
The first step is to create an account in the Snowflake Certification Portal . For full registration details and instructions, please visit here. All candidates are required to review and accept Snowflake's Certification Terms and Conditions during the registration process.
What is the format of a SnowPro Practice Exam?
All practice exams include 40 questions delivered within a 65-minute period. The question types on the exam will include Multiple Choice (one correct response) and Multiple Select (two or more correct responses). The practice exams are only available in English at this time.
What is the cost of a SnowPro Practice Exam?
All practice exams cost $50 USD.
How will the SnowPro Practice Exam be delivered?
Snowflake's Practice exams will be delivered unproctored through Pearson VUE. Once purchased, you will have 24 hours to access the practice exam. You are only able to take this exam once and cannot retake it once you have submitted it for scoring. If you do not access the exam within this 24-hour window, you will forfeit your registration fee and will need to repurchase the exam. No exceptions will be granted.
What will the experience be like to take a SnowPro Practice Exam?
Once you have registered for an exam, you will have 24 hours to complete the exam. No scheduling will be required as you can launch the exam on demand. These exams are best taken using a high-speed internet connection as you will not be able to “pause” the 65-minute timer during your experience. Similar to the Certification Exams, you will be able to flag questions for review and offer feedback on questions. However, any time spent reviewing questions and writing comments counts as part of your overall exam time.
If I do well on a SnowPro Practice Exam, am I guaranteed to pass the actual SnowPro Certification for the same exam series code?
No, taking this exam does not guarantee success on the Certification exam and should be used to supplement a comprehensive test preparation strategy. No grades or pass/fail outcomes will be provided for Practice exams however you will be able to see how many questions you answered correctly out of 40. For any areas of the exam blueprint where you incorrectly answered one or more questions, you will be able to review these knowledge gaps on your customized score report.
How will score reports be delivered for SnowPro Practice Exams?
Your score report will be made available AFTER your exam is submitted, through your Pearson VUE candidate account. The report will only be reviewable from your Pearson VUE Candidate account (not Snowflake’s Certification Portal). All score reports will be uploaded within 24-hours of exam completion.
Which SnowPro Practice Exams are available now?
The following practice exams are currently available:

Practice Exam: Core (Exam Series Code COF-P02)
Practice Exam: Architect (Exam Series Code ARA-P01)
Practice Exam: Data Engineer (Exam Series Code DEA-P01)
Practice Exam: Administrator (Exam Series Code ADA-P01)
Practice Exam: Data Analyst (Exam Series Code DAA-P01)
Practice Exam: Data Scientist (Exam Series Code DSA-P02)

Accredible: SnowPro Digital Certification FAQS

When will I be receiving digital proof that I have passed the Snowflake Certification Exam?
Snowflake partners with Accredible to provide verifiable badges of your certification. Your badge will be issued through Accredible and sent to you through email within 3-5 days of passing your certification exam.
How will I know if I’ve earned a badge?
You will receive an email notification within 3-5 days from passing the exam with instructions for claiming your badge.
How do I verify my Certification?
Digital Certification badges are issued by Accredible, to verify your certification, navigate to your badge URL and click "verify credential".
How do I opt in or opt out of the Certification Verification Portal/Snowflake's Directory?
You will receive your digital badge via email. To update your profile settings, navigate to "Edit My Profile" upon logging in. You will see the option to make your account public or private. You will also see the option to add yourself to Snowflake's directory.
What’s to keep someone else from copying my badge and using it?
While badges are simply digital image files, they are uniquely linked to data hosted on Accredible. This link to verified data makes them more reliable and secure than a paper-based certificate. It also eliminates the possibility of anyone claiming your credential and your associated identity.
Where and how can I share my badge?
You can share your badge directly from the Accredible to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also share the badge in email, imbed it in a website, or add it to your email signature. Badges can be downloaded and imbedded anywhere online.